Jun 8, 2012

Harley Davidson "Café Racer-883 Special"


  1. Some more information about the bike or put me in touch with the builder.
    Thanks JP

    1. "This particular bike started life as a 1995 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883, the current owner pulled it to pieces and carefully rebuilt it one element at a time. The straight pipes and high-flow air cleaner meant the carburettors needed to be re-jetted, all superfluous tabs and other parts were removed to keep weight down and a number of hand-made parts were added where needed. Tossing away the stock Dunlops the bike was fitted with Avon Venom rubber, giving it a lot more potential lean angle as well as grip off the line should a drag race be called for."

  2. love that tank decal, doing something similar for my 883 build