Mar 10, 2015

1981 Yamaha XV920R- Hageman Motorcycles

Photos by Erick Runyon & Gears ang Glory

BMW E28 by [Stance Works]

"El Azote Noroccidente" a Documentary about Colombian Gravity Bikers.

A Colombian documentary about Gravity Bikers on the NorthWest of the country (Medellin) who practice in the steep mountains of the Andes. Take a look at these kids who ride their custom bikes on the open road facing buses and trucks passing at high speeds, cops, violence, road rage and even death.

Mar 2, 2015

1976 BMW R90/6 by Garaje 57

An incredible BMW R90/6 done entirely by hand by our good friends from GARAJE 57 in Bogotá Colombia, "a beautiful built congrats!".