Mar 29, 2011

Rockers firing up

Rockers (2010) from Hans Sandström on Vimeo.

Rockers firing up their engines in annual Mod vs Rocker meeting in stockholm
(great burnout challenge in the middle of the video-it's a shame one the guys in the front row had some trouble with his bike) 

Pipe Dream

снеяиокids (eng-sub)

Mar 28, 2011

30seconds skateboarding Harley

Emerica Black Mass-Barrier Kult

Ride Again!

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skateboarder magazine H-D test

Ben Gilley, Slash and Jamie Thomas(Pro-skateboarders(H-D owners) test rode (H-D) Blackline.
all photos by: SKATEBOARDERMAG

Samurai Choppers

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Mar 23, 2011

HOUDINI (137 years)

The Bonhams 1938 Brough Superior 982cc SS100

XS650 by Holiday Customs

VECTRIX(Electric Superbike)

The Vectrix was created for the EICMA (Milan).
This show model was created in  80-90hr weeks to meet this tight deadline
 Designed by: Erik Holmen  of (ROBRADY design)

Mar 22, 2011

Big Sid's Lola

Vincent (Lola)by: Sid Biberman

Noh theater

demonstration of Noh theater , traditional arts of Japan by:​​Richard Emmert, Musashi University (Tokyo.)

Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series (North American)

Performance Class 1st place:Cole Foster (Bike Blue Bobber)
Modified Harley Class 1st place: LA Speedshop (Bike Mc Phiz)
Jammer Old School Class 1st place: Yolo County Choppers (Bike Panic)
Championship Class 1st Place: Kirk Taylor (Bike The Dirty Boot)

Pray for Japan

Tsunami Recovery

1950s Harley
Onagawa, northeastern Japan 20/3/2011
 Photo by: David Guttenfelder

Mar 20, 2011

Rat Rod Rockers! (Trailer)


The "bone hunter" is a good example  of what  Thunderbike custom can do with a Cross Bones.
Bone Hunter by THUNDERBIKE

Mar 19, 2011

81' Bobbed Yamaha XS650

 Nice Xs built by Cassio Silva an 20 year old who had never even ridden a motorcycle before he built his own.

Genuine Garage Built

Genuine Garage Built from motordivision on Vimeo.

Genuine Garage Built by motordivision

CP Project #1

Mar 18, 2011


The GHOSTS from Eddie O'KEEFE on Vimeo.


Kiez Kustoms (CB 750 Scrambler '79)

’79 CB 750 Scrambler by Kiez Kustoms